POLYPHONYJournal of the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists

Call for Submissions: Diversity, Inclusion and the Creative Arts Therapies

Published on Nov 08, 2021 by Rowena Keaveny and Maggie O'Neill

A POLYPHONY arises out of not just one voice, but many and diverse contributions. It is a combining, not a merging, of simultaneous lines of independent voices or melodies, co-existing in equal measure. As such, Polyphony provides an online space for creative arts therapists in Ireland and beyond to share their insights and innovations. While each contribution retains distinction, they accompany each other as a composition. We follow the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists (IACAT) mission “for Creative Arts Therapies to be accessible, visual and valued as an integral part of health, education and social care systems”. We also seek to advance an understanding of how the arts therapies contribute to enriching individual’s lives and environments.
This call seeks submissions that address variety and diversity of setting, population, and ability, and how they may influence approaches, choices and art making in the creative arts therapies. Following the IACAT vision, it seeks to advance equality, diversity and inclusion in and through the arts therapies, through research, reflection, theory, and practice.
Submissions might consider identity and difference, social and cultural marginalisation, imbalances of power, and how these may inform the therapeutic encounter. Contributors are encouraged to reflect on their own purposes, positions and perspectives as arts therapists and authors. We particularly welcome initiatives that encourage client participation, to enable their voices to be expressed, or that attend to issues of community participation, social justice and human rights, or that address challenges of isolation and marginalisation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We expect that the possibilities and experiences of online outdoor therapy will also inform submissions.
We welcome a variety of submissions including articles on creative arts therapy programs or projects, reflections on art therapy theories, approaches, practice experience, therapists’ own art-making process, interviews, podcasts, observations, and artistic responses. The work reported could be evidence based, analytical, or persuasive. All submissions should include relevant literature. Submissions are 2000 words plus references.
To contact the editors, email journaleditor@iacat.ie