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2024 Polyphonic Student Capsule Call Out

Published on Mar 27, 2024 by Grace Vaughey

2024 Polyphonic Student Capsule

I wanted to write this down, so it wouldn't be lost forever - that once upon a time we had meadows here, and astonishing things, swans and frogs and luna moths and blue skies that could stagger your heart - Philip Appleman

Are you a registered IACAT Student member? Whether you have just started your training, or are about to graduate, we would love to invite you to submit a piece to our 2024 Polyphonic Student Capsule! This collaborative capsule aims to capture the reflections and creativity of the next wave of Ireland’s Creative Arts Therapists. We are inviting students to reflect on their journey of learning so far, and submit a piece that best represents it. Submissions could be in the form of:

● An image, photograph, or artwork
● Video or sound file
● A quote, phrase, poem or short story

All submissions will be collated into a single, collaborative video, posted on the Polyphony website, and launched at the 2024 IACAT AGM. Please send images in JPEG format @ 300 DPI resolution. Students who have video or audio files that they wish to submit are encouraged to upload these to sites such as YouTube or Vimeo in advance and include links via email. In your email, please include your name and your modality of study. Do mention if you would prefer to not have your name listed as a contributor. As an optional addition, you can also include a description of your piece (150-250 words) and the materials used.

Pieces can be sent to studentcouncil@iacat.ie 

The closing date for submissions is Friday, May 31st. By sending your piece, you are consenting to your piece being published online, and that your submission may be slightly edited (eg: video duration) for the final, published piece.

About the Polyphonic Gallery

The Polyphonic Gallery offers Creative Arts Therapists an opportunity to respond creatively to specific themes. The therapeutic process in the creative arts therapies is often described as being 'triangular', with 'creativity' being the vital third element alongside client and therapist. Creative arts therapists have a diverse range of skills in creative processes and the Polyphonic gallery will showcase these across all modalities.