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2024 Polyphonic Student Capsule

Published on Jun 20, 2024 by Grace Vaughey

This collaborative capsule captures the reflections and creativity of some of the next wave of Ireland’s Creative Arts Therapists. Students were invited to submit an image, photograph, artwork, audio file, video, poem or short story that reflected their journey of learning so far.

Name: Erica Gurnee

Course: MSc Art Psychotherapy, Belfast 

Artwork Title: Nothing Constant (2024)

Materials: Watercolour, pen

Erica Gurnee

I created this piece thinking about the changes in me since starting this journey.  I really resonate with the quote, "There is nothing constant in the universe, all ebb and flow, and every shape that is born bears in its womb the seeds of change," (Ovid, Metamorphoses). Life is ever changing, and I feel ever changing on this journey. There is continual movement and growth. Some of it is painful, some of it is pleasurable. Seeing this change in nature is helping ground me through this process. I had fun making this piece and used leaves and a rain shower to develop its texture.

Name: Sinead Kiernan

Course: MSc Art Psychotherapy, Belfast 

Artwork Title: Untitled Reflective Journal Entry (text redacted) (2024)

Materials: Mixed Media



Name: Alexia Nissiforou

Course: MA Art Therapy, Cork 

Artwork Title: Exploration Journey (2024)

Materials: Ink, Pen

 Alexia Nissiforou

The journey we have embarked upon brings uncertainty, doubt, hesitation, and the potential to transcend our limits. Daily, I use English instead of Greek which is my  primary language. This has made me curious about how these two languages interact. The word "journey", its equivalent Greek word "taxidi", becomes one in an image, with a pen, in a squiggle play. As the image is completed, it avails the knowledge contained through ups and downs, through motion, and obstacles and bridges overcome.

Name: Grace Vaughey 

Course: MSc Art Psychotherapy, Belfast 

Artwork Title: The Layered Self (2024)

Materials: Acrylic, ink

Grace Vaughey

In minds' depths, I dive. Healing paths, layers unwind. Light in dark, I find.

Who am I, at all? Through twists and turns and musings. What is underneath?

A labyrinth new. Searching too, but good enough. Sit and stay a while.