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mycroglia motions written into maps flesh and bone...

Published on Feb 07, 2020 by Áilbhe Hines

mycroglia motions

 written into maps

flesh and bone and sinew

 strained stretched

nervous systems

 body aches

systems structured

 ruptured shamed


 biological lineage

designed anew

 what did they tell us as we grew

--------------that that auntie was known to take to her bed

as was your grandfather and his father before him

--------------did that uncle like to hit the bottle

like your cousin twice removed

--------------they were evicted

many years ago

--------------they were abused

everyone pretended not to know

--------------they had no children of their own

they took her babies from her

--------------they were imprisoned


their crime was otherness


 can this knowing

tell us to carry onto generations

 re-living of shame

ways of acknowledging pain

 won’t repeat again

meanings made

 revealing traces

feeling spaces



 the genetic linguistic me and

other strands

consequence and circumstance

 comprising mine and others’


 the roots

the source

 the how we came to be and who survived or not

decipher codes

 connect the threads


in transit no known destination nation not known

 BE is early matter

made itself of it

 be of wind of sea of air of trees

be of directions all

 then be none of it

be temporary be still  be the image of yourself be within

 traverse the elementals formed in stars

before we complicated things

 drew borderlines

looked away

 from sky and shore

shielded feet from earth cures.



 is shared

the earth barefoot

 is raw and reachable

flowing streams retrieving

                                     on and on and on and on

 rising up and out from bodies


 adorned with incident

skin is beacon

 image capturing alchemy

a voice in layered reveal

 does scribe get seen







Simonides speaks out the mute poetry of painting

Ut Pictura poesis

as a painting so a poem

don’t tie and bind to frightened slumber

let this


a place to begin

to be in

belonging to

the longing tells us we are living

resonantly respirating





and how will we speak of it

 what words have we used over the years

to control

 to subdue




 have these ways of saying


 who dominates


 what language will we use in years to come

how will we tell the stories of how we came to be

 who we will become

how we have changed

 as we travel through time

and time travels reveal

 our essence

our here and now

 our traces

Áilbhe Hines

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Interdisciplinary artist and expressive eco therapist.

Áilbhe makes interdisciplinary artworks as a process of inquiry and performative intervention.

She also facilitates within two strands of practice, Threads of Resilience and EarthWorks.

The work is an ongoing and interwoven nomadic research and installation series with thematic branches such as:

- The Throttle and the Mantle

- Toxicity Tides Trauma

- LandisLanguageisLand

- CIrcula Cyclica

- The ever Y day

- Cartographies

- turning our backs to the sea