POLYPHONYJournal of the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists

Submissions Call: Frontiers in Creative Arts Therapies

Published on Nov 06, 2023 by Rowena Keaveny & Maggie O'Neill

Call for Contributions:


In alignment with the recent All-Ireland Arts Therapies Convocation Conference, this call for submissions centres around the theme “Frontiers”. This theme explores the notion of “Frontiers” as not just a boundary but as a launching pad into new therapeutic landscapes, made possible through art, music, drama, dance, and movement. We invite contributions that echo this expansive vision, showcasing best practices, contemporary research, and arts therapies in dynamic action.

Our aim for Polyphony is to provide an accessible, vibrant, dynamic platform for contributors to share their journeys of discovery as they learn, teach, develop and pioneer new knowledge. We seek with Polyphony to provide an online, open access, space for creative arts therapists in Ireland and beyond to share key insights and innovations, as part of enhancing the profession and practice of the arts therapies.

We invite contributions in the following formats, and invite contributors to experiment with new modes of expression:

  • Feature Articles on creative arts therapy programs or projects
  • Reflections on art therapy theories, approaches, practice experience, or therapists’ own art-making process
  • Interviews
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Book Reviews
  • Artwork
  • Poetry
  • Observations
  • Image Recording (AIR)

Submission Guidelines

Articles / reflections / interviews / observations: 2000 words

Book reviews: 1000 words

For All Submissions

  • Please send text files in Word format.
  • Ensure images are clearly captioned and labelled. Images should be in JPEG or PNG format.
  • Please send a photo of the author/artist(s) and a brief biography (maximum 100 words).
  • Please send audio and video files as YouTube or Vimeo (or similar) links

Style Guide

All submissions should adhere to APA Style.

Contact Information

Email: journaleditor@iacat.ie

Our dedicated team of editors and reviewers are on hand to chat about any questions that arise.
We look forward to your valuable contributions.
Warm regards,

Rowena Keaveny and Maggie O’Neill

Co-Editors, Polyphony