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Embrace Therapy Podcast: Reap What You Sow

Published on Feb 21, 2021 by Vicky Linnane

In this episode of the Embrace Therapy Podcast, Vicky Linnane interviews Art Psychotherapist Heidi Morrison.

Heidi is an exceptionally gifted visual artist but her latest venture is developing an emerging creative and eco-wellness retreat initiative called Soearth Projects.

When we catch up with Heidi she informs us that Soearth Projects is getting close to being ready to open its doors.

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Vicky Linnane

Vicky 1

Vicky Linnane is a registered Art Therapist. She completed her BA in Arts in 2009. Following this, she studied a Postgraduate Certificate in Arts in Healthcare Settings at NUI Maynooth. While working as a creative arts facilitator, she obtained her Masters in Art Therapy from CIT/ Crawford College of Art and Design.

With 2020 bringing a whirlwind alongside it, Vicky leaned on her media studies skills acquired from her undergrad to develop her very own podcast. Embrace Therapy Podcast offers the listener a chance to hear from qualified therapists and mental health care professionals themselves, as they share stories, insight and research on how embracing therapy is positive for one's mental health.

Vicky currently provides art therapy online and operates her private art therapy practice, Enrich Art Therapy, from The Acre Project, Celbridge and The Basin Street Centre, Naas.

Heidi Morrison


Heidi Morrison is a registered Art Psychotherapist with the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapies (IACAT). She is an executive council member (Secretary) for IACAT. She also works as a visual artist and is co-founder of Soearth Projects, an emerging creative and eco-wellness retreat initiative.

Heidi currently provides Art Psychotherapy for adults in her private practice in Naas, Co.Kildare. She also provides Art Psychotherapy individual and groups sessions in the Adult Mental Health services (HSE), Naas/Kildare area.

Heidi has experience working in private/public mental health and addiction rehabilitation services for over 10 years. She has experience working with service users presenting a spectrum of acute to moderate mental health illnesses. These include areas of anxiety, depression, trauma, self-harm, and Complex PTSD.